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... We believe that every event has its own history and that it should be as unique as the people for whom it was created. Mille Flowers specializes in the exquisite decoration and floral design of flowers, combining in one color, shape and texture, the emotional and individual characteristics of its customers, on the way to creating a truly memorable event.

Whether it's a wedding, a company celebration, an intimate dinner with friends or a family celebration, our goal is to make your idea even more fascinating. Our creative team will help you make the right choice according to your wishes and budget. MilleFlowers' main commitment is quality, attention to detail and innovation, which will turn your vision into a dream reality.
Each event has an individuality - let us help you recreate your ...!






"Mila Stoyanova, a master not only of beautiful bouquets, but also of jewelry and flower bracelets in the studio of" My Family ". Her smile is unique - it probably came from the flowers she works with ..."

My family,

program "Hristo Botev" of the Bulgarian National Radio

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my impromptu but important holiday. I believe that you have left some of your magic in our flowers and I am sure that our life will be colorful and beautiful again in the future because of you! Once again thank you for a wonderful day! "


"Thank you very much to you and your team for making our holiday extremely beautiful and unforgettable! Everything was great - from the arch to the flowers in the hall and all the other details and surpassed our imagination!"

Veronica and Mitko

"Hello dear,

With Kotsi we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing way you decorated our wedding! Everything was very neat and fabulously beautiful and exactly in the style we wanted :). We received great feedback from the guests :). It was a great and unique wedding! Thank you for contributing to this! :)

With many greetings and wishes to be still inspired in what you do! "

Polly and Kotzi

”... Your great ideas and suggestions helped me to get a real and clear expression of my desires and ideas. From the most beautiful and interesting bridal bouquet in the world, to all the little details she had made, my day turned into a fairy tale. Thank you..."

Silvia Dyakova

"We liked that he developed our ideas and at the same time perfected them from the point of view of an artist. It's wonderful that you love what you do and it shows!"

Mitko and Eli Todorovi


"Thanks to Mille Flowers and Mila Stoyanova for the fabulous decoration that enchanted everyone and turned us into a stylish romantic movie."

Alena Ilcheva


"Darling, the decoration was fabulous and I am very happy ...:) !!! I adore my bouquet, it was so beautiful that I have no words !!!"

Maria Dimitrov


"Dear, we truly thank you for everything! Make our holiday even more exciting, beautiful and unforgettable! It was a real joy for the eye for us and all our loved ones and I congratulate you from them. I was very excited when I saw the arch and the whole garden and the hall It was really fabulous! Thanks again for the fantasies come true, for the patience, for the professionalism, the advice and ideas, for the sense, for everything! It is always obvious when things are done from the heart. It was a real pleasure from the beginning to the end! "

Dilyana Kondeva


"Darling, you are a real fairy! Thanks for everything!"

Teodora Tencheva


"Thank you Mila, make me the happiest!"

Eli Nedkova


"Darling, everything was wonderful! Endless thanks!"



"Thank you very much, Mila, for turning our holiday into a fairy tale! Everything was wonderful !! And my decoration and bouquet were incredibly beautiful! They exceeded all our expectations! Our guests were also delighted! Thank you very much once again for everything ! ”

Aksinia Marinkova


"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did. It was amazing and unique! Honey, I'm fascinated by the decoration! It was very different from any other wedding (something for which I thank you very much), stylish and tender! I am impressed how he understood what I wanted, without being able to put it into words myself. You are wonderful! We are glad that we met until new meetings! "

Tsveta and Peter


"Darling, I want to thank you especially for everything! I am very surprised by the decoration, the cards, my bouquet and everything in general ... I knew I could trust you, but you exceeded all my expectations! Thank you! It was wonderful! Thank you for the professionalism and diligence you put into creating all this! "

Nelly Kriviralcheva


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