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About us



Thank you for your interest in our site. My name is Mila Stoyanova. For me, beauty in nature has always been a source of inspiration. It took me to graduate in Landscape Architecture in Bulgaria and to specialize in Horticulture in the Netherlands at Has Den Bosch.

In 2007 I founded Mille Flowers to be part of the magic called wedding decoration. It is a real pleasure and challenge for me to create and execute the decoration for your special day, each time unique and different, tailored to your personality and the realization of your dream. Together with my team we proudly recreate non-standard and original ideas in my projects, distinguishing each of our events.

Inspired by my numerous meetings and conversations with you future brides, we started 2016. with a new, long-awaited project - a studio for wedding dresses Mille Bridal . We focused on brands that are new to Bulgaria and have an established name with proven quality in the European and World markets.

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